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Check out this link to see our current work being done in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Donate today to help us make an

impact on those affected by disasters.

You can make a tax deductible contribution to

the Dogwood Charitable Foundation online or

send a check to the address below.

 We are a 501c3 non-profit foundation.


Please make checks out to:

Dogwood Charitable Foundation

Dogwood Charitable Foundation
1257 Sanguinetti Road Suite 194
Sonora, California 95370

Dear friends,

As you all know this year has changed the way we live, the ability to do the things we do and want to do.
I don’t usually post anything unless we are participating or involved in a disaster related event, but it has been some time since we’ve been anywhere.
COVID-19 has pretty much had us confined, locked down, staying at home you can choose what you want to call this.
So Dogwood has been with the rest of you and tried to comply with all the new rules, orders and suggestions that have been put in place in order to protect ourselves and those around us.
We hope that all of you are staying safe.

Jim and I by our age are in the high risk group for this virus even though we are pretty healthy and would like to be able to volunteer.
We, like many of you, are tired of the whole thing, but we try to be respectful and considerate to you and others who are also at  risk. So, rather than add to the problem we’ve been tucked away here at home waiting for things to improve.
We are doing local volunteer things and working at the honey-do-list to keep ourselves occupied.
All this is to say we are alive and well. We haven’t fallen off the face of the earth as of yet. We are just waiting for our opportunity to once again serve and assist where we can.
We hope you stay healthy and safe and if your out in the front lines doing your part thank you.
Jim and Martha

For those of you that follow us we do have our equipment at work in the Chattanooga area helping with the clean up process. Local friends from the area are carrying on mission. Here is a link to our equipment at work.

If you would like to help us carry on you can make a donation at our website.

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